Make the Most of the Space You Have

As property prices go up, it’s likely harder to find that dream piece of property – especially in the middle of Australia’s capital cities.

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However, if you’ve got your heart set on a central location, you may end up sacrificing on other features to make it happen – like space. If you’ve secured an apartment in the city but are finding it a bit on the small side, we’re here to help – with a series of items that could do wonders for your space.

Collapsible Laundry Basket

Laundry is always a mess. It’s either a pile of clothes clogging up space in your bedroom or bathroom, or it’s a pile of clothes that’s clogging up space in your washing machine. And while laundry baskets help you move clothes around more easily, they themselves can also just take up space a lot of time.

A collapsible one can be tucked out of sight when not in use, and perform its job when needed. It’s perfect for the apartment that doesn’t have room for larger baskets, or even uses a communal laundry.

Ottoman Bed

One thing that’s hardly ever a reality in an apartment is the guest room. Now, if you have people to stay over, you could use something like an ottoman bed to create a sleeping space that compacts right back into a regular lounge item!

If you can get your hands on one of these, you might be able to save an incredible amount of space – and still have friends and guests to stay the night.

Cord Balls

The bane of so many small spaces, especially in today’s technologically advanced age, is cords. Power plugs, phone chargers, internet cables – they can all cause a lot of strife, not to mention be safety hazards!

A cord ball organiser effectively ‘eats’ your cables, allowing you to wrap them up and put them inside this cute device. It means you can use only as much cord as you need, and have a space-conserving decoration to boot! See if you can find some of these if your apartment is a technology hub.

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You can’t always get the luxurious loft apartment straight away, but that doesn’t mean a smaller space has to be stressful. Stay on top of your apartment with tips like this, and you’ll find more room to move, relax, work and play – you’ll forget what a larger space even felt like!

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